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Kangaroo meat: The health benefits for dogs

By Johnny on Oct 22, 2021

Full of rich animal proteins and essential amino acids, kangaroo meat is one of the best ingredients in dog food that packs a healthy punch. Thinking about starting your pup on a diet that includes kangaroo meat? Here’s what you need to know.

Top health benefits of kangaroo meat for dogs

Far and away the top benefit of kangaroo meat is that it’s one of the lowest-fat meats around, and is the naturally the leanest red meat protein. Plus, the fat that is present is unsaturated, which is the best kind of fat and promotes sustained energy. That means it’s perfect for dogs of all sizes.

Kangaroo meat is also high in protein, rich in B vitamins and omega-3s, and provides the best levels of zinc and iron of any meat. So if your dog has food allergies or intolerances, is a little overweight or needs plenty of energy as a working dog, or anything in between, switching to a diet that includes kangaroo meat can support their overall wellbeing.

Why Hypro Premium loves kangaroo meat

Every product in the Hypro Premium range has been designed with the health and wellbeing of your dog in mind. That’s why our Kangaroo & Lamb Adult Dog Food, Kangaroo & Turkey Working Dog Food and Kangaroo Tasty Chews are full of high-quality meats, healthy fats and oils, vitamins and minerals, and have zero artificial colours or flavours.

Whether you’re a typical pet owner, need to keep your working dogs well fed on a farm, or you breed animals for a living, Hypro Premium ensures you will always be feeding your pups top-quality food. It’s why we’re known as ‘The Breeder’s Choice’.

How to start your puppy on kangaroo meat or change your dog’s diet

Ready to take advantage of all the wonderful health benefits of kangaroo meat? Switching up your pet’s diet isn’t something you should do instantly. Unlike humans, dogs need a little bit of time to adjust to new foods, so it’s important to introduce a different kibble or animal meat slowly.

Whether your dog is still a puppy or a grown adult, you’ll want to adjust the amount of food according to their weight. So for a puppy that’s still under 5kg, up to ¾ (100g) of a cup is enough. For larger working dogs that sit between 10kg and 20kg, you’ll need to up their intake to between 1⅓ (160g) and 2⅓ cups (275g).

Finally, ease your furry friend into their new diet by blending their current kibble with the new recipe. On day one you can do 90% old food and 10% new food, then increase the amount of new food by 10% each day until your pet is fully on the kangaroo meat dog food about a week and a half later. And be sure to always keep clean fresh water close by – especially for puppies!

If you’re looking for a high-quality pet food that is healthy, full of balanced ingredients and proudly Australian made, Hypro Premium is for you. We have a wide range of premium dog foods to match your pup’s breed, age and weight. Find out more about our products and search our range today.