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Why Hypro Premium is regarded as ‘The Breeder’s Choice’

By Johnny on Oct 22, 2021

There’s a story behind every pet food brand, but Hypro Premium’s was born out of a love of all animals and a passion for crafting the best food for Aussie pets.

A natural progression

When John Camilleri started Hypro Pet Foods back in 1998, it seemed like an entirely natural progression for a man who had spent his career in farming, breeding and animal nutrition. His love for all animals great and small was self-evident, and he wanted to imbue that passion into crafting quality food for the Australian pet food market.

Two decades later, the Hypro Premium brand was established to give pet owners access to premium, high-quality and affordable pet food made with the best ingredients from around the country.

Today, Hypro Pet Foods has expanded into a family business that employs over 70 people and continues to invest in sustainability, food technology and better recipes – all set in the beautiful surrounds of the Hawkesbury Valley.

Becoming ‘The Breeder’s Choice’

Australian made and owned, Hypro Premium’s journey to becoming ‘The Breeder’s Choice’ has always had a single focus: zero. Zero grains, zero fillers, zero nasties. And most importantly, zero compromise on quality.

By only using carefully selected superfoods and holistic ingredients, pet owners can rest assured that their furry friends are getting nothing but the best in pet nutrition.

In fact, Hypro’s passion for developing premium products for pet companions has seen their range expand to include a wide variety of adult and puppy food, tasty chew treats, as well as grain-free food for cats of all breeds and sizes.

For every pet’s health and wellbeing

What sets Hypro Premium apart is their commitment to the health of animals. Their 100% grain-free products are packed with natural ingredients to support every pet’s ongoing health and wellbeing. That means high-quality meat, healthy fats and oils, vitamins and minerals, and zero artificial colours or flavours.

Every pack of Hypro Premium pet food has the optimal nutrient ratios of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. The recipes are also designed to support joint health, healthier skin and coat, as well as boost immunity through natural antioxidants.

It’s no wonder so many Australians recognise Hypro Premium as being ‘The Breeder’s Choice’, and that it’s recommend by vets including ambassador Dr Claire Stevens.

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